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Calanthe Mallea wants to explore the far-off places she’s read about, but first she’ll need to escape her father’s control. When her childhood friend, Vantandal Orion, begrudgingly returns from his self-imposed exile to take his place as the Crown Prince, the two of them hatch a plan: a marriage in name only. Vantandal will be free of the parents trying to foist their wealthy children on him, and Calanthe will finally be out of her father’s house. But between as Calanthe develops feelings for Vantandal while working to uncover the forces behind a series of strange murders growing closer to the palace by the day, she’ll realize that her carefully laid plans are no match for real life.

[New Adult Fantasy | Rewriting]
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Vantandal is the one person Calanthe can trust – until she discovers he is the one who killed her.

Seventeen-year-old Calanthe Mallea isn’t the heir her father wanted. Her sole value lies in her marriageability, and as the daughter of one of Nilea’s most powerful aristocratic families, she’s unsurprised when her father uses her to further his political ambitions by sending her to the capital to marry Ethan Calypsone, the heir to the throne.

While Ethan is a better husband than Calanthe dared hope for – he’s young and kind, not to mention handsome – he’s too preoccupied with keeping Nilea from descending into civil war to pay attention to her. Feeling lonely and powerless, Calanthe is drawn to Vantandal Orion, a young courtier whose attention makes her feel for the first time in her life like she could be more than a decoration on her husband’s arm.

Calanthe and Vantandal’s fledgling friendship is tested when Calanthe begins to have dreams of a young woman’s brutal murder – dreams she discovers aren’t actually dreams at all, but memories. Her memories, from a past life. And her murderer is Vantandal, the one person she thought she could trust – and the one person who can help her solve the mystery behind the murder before it happens again.

[Young Adult Fantasy | 70k Words]
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