That time I accidentally finished writing a book.

Before I start a first draft, I sketch out a rough outline with a beginning, an end, and a couple major plot points in between so I at least have some vague idea of where I’m going. I got to a certain point in FIRE and realized it just wasn’t going to work as one book – I had way too much story for that. If I want to tell the story I envisioned, I’m going to need to split it in half.

At that point, that left me with only a chapter or two to finish out this part of the story. Which is how I accidentally finished the first draft of FIRE.*

FIRE is the third book I’ve completed (hooray!). And, like the others, I’ve learned a lot from it.

  • My first book, AN UNFORGIVING LAND, I finished during NaNo in 2007. It taught me how to finish something. (And it will never see the light of day, at least not in the form it’s in.)
  • My second book, SHARDS, taught me how to stay committed to something. It was the first time I bothered getting feedback/rewriting/revising/editing etc.
  • FIRE is teaching me that this whole writing thing doesn’t get any easier, and that each book has its own set of challenges. I struggled with Calanthe’s voice in SHARDS, but Aimee’s voice came to me really easily. World building came to me ridiculously easily with SHARDS, but I’ve got a whole lot to figure out here with FIRE.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t take me as long to get FIRE in a not-crappy state as it did with SHARDS!

*I have a tendency to do things on accident. Like graduating from college. I did that on accident. It’s just a gift, I guess.

5 thoughts on “That time I accidentally finished writing a book.

    • Stephanie Allen says:

      Yeah…I was working on a degree and a certificate simultaneously. Long story short, I finished the degree first, and had enough credits to graduate, and ended up being awarded my degree a year before planned while I continued taking classes to finish the certificate.

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