YA Book Club: Allegiant

Allegiant (Divergent, #3)Allegiant by Veronica Roth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To be totally honest, I was initially a little disappointed with Allegiant. The beginning, as many people have already mentioned, was a little slow-moving, and after that ending to Insurgent, I expected something a little more explosive than what ended up happening. Fortunately, things did eventually pick up, and I enjoyed the back half of the book a lot more because it was a lot more like the previous books.

As far as the alternating perspectives, I wasn’t sure at first as to the reason for that, but it didn’t bother me too much because I ended up liking Four’s chapters more than Tris’s. It was interesting to get inside his head more and learn more about him, as well as watch him wrestle with his demons.

What I really want to talk about, though, is the ending. I know all the signs pointed toward Allegiant ending the way it did, but it still caught me by surprise. But not in a bad way. I think having things end the way they did was actually the most appropriate ending; it suited the tone of the series, and ending things any other way would’ve just felt like a cop out. (I mean, I probably wouldn’t have minded, but it wouldn’t have felt completely right, either.)

After having some more time to think about it, I formulated some further thoughts about the ending. [You can read my full review with spoilers here.]

Allegiant wasn’t my favorite of the books, but it’s still worth reading for the ending alone.

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10 thoughts on “YA Book Club: Allegiant

  1. Rebekah says:

    I agree it would have felt like a cop out. I also enjoyed Four’s POV chapters, and beside getting to see him as more vulnerable and flawed, they helped me better connect with Tris.

    • Stephanie Allen says:

      “The Transfer” had that effect on me, as far as helping me connect with Tris better. I don’t know how much to say since I’m not sure if you’ve read it yet, but there are a lot of parallels between “The Transfer” and Divergent.

  2. katyupperman says:

    You mentioned “all signs pointing to ALLEGIANT ending the way it did” and being surprised anyway. I was too, because I was certain Four was going to be the one to go. I’ve always liked him a little more than Tris, and I was dreading the possibility of his death. This might sound awful, but I was sort of relieved when it ended up being her, not him. I was still sad because Tris is a fantastic character, but I think I might’ve thrown the book if Four had taken the fall.

  3. karibradley7 says:

    GREAT gif! I am 100% with you on expecting the world outside the fence situation to be much more explosive. I commented on that in my review, too. I did not see a death coming, but like Katy I think I would have thrown the book if it had been Four. I’ve never throw a book (maybe because I read it on my Kindle?) but THAT would have warranted a tantrum from me. 😉

  4. kate scott says:

    I like your idea that Tris was a crutch for Four. The ending didn’t bother me, but many of the other pacing and voice similarity dual narration issues did. I did feel like Four’s reaction to Tris’s death was way over the top. A lot of people died in this series, and a lot of people had to deal with that loss. The other characters were a lot faster to forgive than Four. Maybe that was the point though. I can’t believe their love was that epic though, I mean they did spend half of the book on the brink of a break up.

  5. Tracey Neithercott (@T_Neithercott) says:

    All I knew about ALLEGIANT was some fans were unhappy, so going in I figured Four was going to die. But then halfway through I realized the dual POV made it possible for Tris to die and I pretty much geared myself up for that. I wonder whether Veronica Roth would have included Four’s POV if Tris didn’t die. Like you, I liked being in his head. I really liked him before, but it helped my buy his feelings for Tris much better.

  6. Jennifer Pickrell says:

    It had been so long since I read Insurgent that when I started Allegiant and it was slow-moving, I thought I’d forgotten something. I had to go back and skim the end of the 2nd book to reassure myself.

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