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YA Book Club is an online book club hosted by Tracey Neithercott. This month we read Taken by Erin Bowman, so if you’ve read it, feel free to join in!

I was so excited about my copy I had to take a picture with it. It happens.

I was so excited about my copy I had to take a picture with it. It happens.

I loved Taken so much, I stayed up an hour past my bedtime to finish it. It started off a little slow for me, but once it got going, it didn’t let up. Since the premise was unique and I didn’t have too much of an idea of the plot beforehand, the twists really caught me off guard – which I appreciated, what with my strangely predictive powers and all. There was one I had guessed at because I’d already seen it done in a certain book I won’t name because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else (review with spoilers can be found here), but aside from that I had no ideas.

The main character, Gray, wasn’t the most likable character. He was impulsive, needs to work on his temper like whoa, and does a couple really jerktastic things. In this case, though, it wasn’t a death sentence because he so obviously cares about the people in his life – particularly his brother, Blaine; his niece, Kale; and some of the people he comes to meet throughout the course of the story. While there were some times I wanted to sit down with him and have a serious talk with him about some of his questionable decisions, I felt like the whole caring about others (even if he doesn’t always play nice with them) thing was a pretty huge redeeming quality. Also, he’s a teenage boy, so it’s not like he was unrealistically portrayed.

I wasn’t as into the love triangle as I was hoping to be. Honestly, I just didn’t feel it with Emma and Gray, because I just didn’t see why Gray would be into Emma in the first place. They just didn’t seem to fit to me, plus Emma wasn’t as interesting a character to me as Bree was.

The end of the book hints at more world building in the next one, which I’m super enthused about. While Taken wasn’t perfect, I still need the next two books, like, yesterday. I can’t wait to see where Gray’s adventures (and impulsiveness, let’s be honest) will take him next!

8 thoughts on “YA Book Club: Taken

  1. katyupperman says:

    I loved how flawed Gray was… Made him feel so real. As far as the love triangle goes, I thought Gray and Emma were sweet together, but I thought he had so much more chemistry with Bree. And on that note, I’ll make my declaration now: I’m Team Gray/Bree. 🙂

  2. Tracey Neithercott (@T_Neithercott) says:

    I’m glad you mentioned how impulsive and flawed Gray was. He just seemed so much like a teen to me. (Especially that one thing he does to that girl in the first or second chapter. Yes, it was a jerk move, but it seemed like the exact thing a boy—a teenager!—with his personality might do.) Sometimes I think book boys are overly idealized, so it was nice seeing one like Gray.

  3. Elodie says:

    The fact that Gray cares so much was definitely a redeeming quality. And I love his interactions with the people around him. Sometimes, I scratched my head and wanted to tell him to step back before diving in but that´s also what I loved about the book 🙂 When it comes to a certain love triangle, I am a bit undecided…

  4. Jennifer Otis says:

    Ah, Gray…I agree with you, Stephanie. His actions were realistic (even if sometimes “jerktastic”–my new favorite word!) For the love interests, I’m still not on either team. I liked them both for different reasons. I have a feeling that I’ll be rooting for one over the other by the next book. Can’t wait to see how the rest of Gray’s story plays out!

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