Kicking Around Story Ideas

Recently, Katy Upperman blogged about where she gets her story ideas, so I figured now it was my turn.

And so I present to you a post in two parts.

Part One: The Snatching of SNIs

People get ideas from many things: songs, people they know, things that have happened, things overheard, etc. I have my history degree to thank for my wealth of ideas, since pretty much every single idea I’m currently writing or will write in the future has been inspired by something I learned in a history class. Calanthe, the MC of SHARDS (my YA fantasy WIP), was inspired by Isabella of France, the wife of Edward II of England. The dualist religion that plays a huge part in the story is loosely based on the medieval sect of Catharism; the political conflict is based on the Wars of the Roses. My NA dystopian fantasy, FIRE, was inspired by the Spanish Inquisition, which I took an entire class about in college (and it was totally AWESOME). I have a whole host of other ideas in the queue, too, inspired by everything from the Byzantine Empire to the (Second) Defenestration of Prague.

Which brings me to…

Part Two: The Captivity of SNIs

I have TOO MANY IDEAS to write them as soon as I get them, so I have a document that’s basically a word vomit of any thoughts I have in relation to these ideas, filed under such descriptive titles as “prostitute assassin Byzantium plague story.” I find it actually helps to let my ideas sit for awhile, anyway, because while they’re sitting, they have a tendency to develop a little more so that when I DO finally get around to writing them, I already have a basic idea of what I’m going to write – even though actual outlining is a pretty new thing for me.

Where do your SNIs come from? Do you write them as you get them, or do you file some away for later?