Draft 3: It’s a wrap!

I finally finished my third draft of SHARDS! Huzzah!

It took way longer than I’d been planning, because I went on vacation, then there was that whole trying to find a job thing, and then there was that slump when I failed to find a job, and LIFE. Which isn’t to say that there’s really an excuse, because there will come a day at some point in the future where I won’t have the luxury of Not Writing for weeks and weeks, but whatever. It is what it is. (Let’s not talk about how I’d planned to have this done at the end of July, and it is now the end of October. Oops.)

My previous draft was 49k. This one was 54k. Which is still really, really short for a fantasy novel, but I sort of already started Draft 4 during WriteOnCon, and given all the things I’ve already added, this next draft will be…much longer than 54k. Draft 3 was a complete rewrite of Draft 2, to the point where I didn’t even look at Draft 2. Draft 4 is going to be a revision of Draft 3, where I add things and change things and delete things, but will still bear a resemblance to Draft 3. I’ve never actually revised a novel before (I’ve barely revised a history paper, let’s be honest), sooooo more on how that whole thing goes after it’s actually done. I’m not going to set a deadline for that yet because NaNo is a week away, and I’m going to be putting SHARDS aside for the month so I can focus on rewriting FIRE. But my best guess is I’ll have Draft 4 done around the end of January. For realsies, guys.

4 thoughts on “Draft 3: It’s a wrap!

  1. Emmy Neal says:

    I’m on a rewrite of my YA fantasy–I did the same thing you did with D2 & 3! Except mine was 3 & 4. Throwing out that 60k was the hardest decision EVER, but my new draft is already SO much better!!!

    I always come up short when I draft, but I can usually get it to 70k by finding ways to either add a subplot that deepens relationships or by adding in more obstacles πŸ™‚ GOOD LUCK WITH DRAFT 4!!!

  2. ellenmrozek says:

    You are super kickass for finishing draft two! I know I’m not one of your CPs, but if you need another pair of eyes (post Nano, of course) let me know. πŸ™‚ Otherwise, good luck with your revisions!

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