In which I show you my shelves

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I was having a hard time coming up with a topic for a blog post that wasn’t a book review, seeing as how unexciting things are around here. (I believe this tells you all you need to know about my life right now. Or maybe this. Moving on.)

And then I saw my bookshelves. I mean, there are three of them in my bedroom currently, and that’s only because there isn’t room for another one. (See: multiple stacks of books hanging out under my window.) I mean, they’re not exactly hard to miss.

I thought back to discussions I’ve had with people – in real life and in the internets – about how they organize their books. While this isn’t quite as divisive a topic as writing in your books, it has generated quite a bit of discussion. My methods have also led my roommates to brand me a nerd, but it’s not like that was news to me, or anything.

As you may or may not have gleaned from the above photo – based on your level of observation and whether or not you were reading the titles – I alphabetize by author last name, first. Then, if I have multiple titles by the same author (e.g. Tamora Pierce…), I arrange the books in order by series. Or, if it’s not a series, I arrange the books by copyright date (e.g. Jane Austen, John Green, Nicholas Sparks [I AM NOT ASHAMED]). I used to arrange them by size, but I found this way made it way easier for me to find things when I want them, since I’m really big on rereading. Also, I have the books I still need to read laid across the top, both to save space and as a visual reminder that I still need to read them.

Another thing I’ve discussed is the subject of what else – if there is anything else – should go on your shelves.

I for one, am all for putting knickknacks on my shelves, as there’s usually some personal connection to them – just like to my books. I definitely have a Thing for snowmen. I don’t remember exactly when or why I started collecting them, but my aunt has given them to me for Christmas almost every year since I was in high school, including this one. So there are several of them hanging out in my room. I also have a couple pictures on my shelves, as well as a pot where I keep all of my bookmarks.

What about you? What do your bookshelves look like?

13 thoughts on “In which I show you my shelves

  1. Caitlin R. O'Connell says:

    I have that edition of the Song of the Lioness Quartet. 🙂 (I love those covers. Came across some truly terrible new ones in the book store the other day. Alanna was not from the 1990s, thanks very much…) I have four bookshelves in my room, which I arrange by genre and, well, how much I like them. I have a shelf over my bed where only my favorites go. Someday I shall have bigger bookshelves, though, and then I'll alphabetize them.

  2. Hildred says:

    I only have two bookshelves anymore. The one in my headboard, which is a majority of my "faves", and then the big hocking bookshelf which is mostly CDs…but the books included are more recent acquisitions, plus my Theological textbooks. Basically, books get put where I have room. Which isn't much.(I also have a crappy little manga bookshelf, but eh.)I find it interesting you stack the ones you still need to read. That would drive me nuts! =P But it is a good use of more space. But when I start stacking I start feeling cluttered.

  3. Katy Upperman says:

    Love this idea for a blog post… I might copy it one of these days, if that's cool. :)My shelves are organized by genre, then grouped by series/author. My contemps are arranged by spine color (YES) and my daughter and husband know better than to mess with my system. Whatever works, right?

  4. Kateri Ransom says:

    Pot to keep your bookmarks…I love that idea!Sadly all the books I read get sent out to a shelf in our garage. But I am losing a roommate soon and so hopefully I can start filtering them back into my room.Oh and I loved Beauty Queens! Libba Bray rocks my world! And just bought TOG, can't wait to get started!

  5. Alison Miller says:

    This was a great post! I actually categorize mine by genre and my FAVORITE books are on bookshelves in my room, the guest room… Then I have those I'm about to read on a bookshelf in my junk room. And my knick knacks tend to be pictures. LOTS of pictures. 🙂

  6. janealfalor says:

    Love how you organize them! Really, I think I need to take notes, mine have very little organization at all. But what I especially like is how you use your personal nick-knacks. If my kids won't tare them all down and/or break them, I'd steal the idea.

  7. Stephanie Allen says:

    My high school library had an edition of the Immortals Quartet with truly heinous covers. I'm so glad I got much better covers when I bought mine…and that I haven't seen the new Lioness covers.I spend too much time alphabetizing things. My books, my DVD collection, my iTunes…

  8. Stephanie Allen says:

    Most of mine were in boxes in my parents' guest room closet, and I only recently was reunited with them. I spent a good half hour on my bedroom floor, salivating. (I'm only exaggerating a little…)

  9. Stephanie Allen says:

    I have SO MANY PICTURES that aren't on my shelves, but that's only because I haven't bought frames for them yet.I thought about doing genre, but then I got too frustrated with it and just left them the way they are.

  10. Kris Atkins says:

    I have mine organized by color, which I'm sure some people find scandalous. I can almost always find a book on my first try too–for some reason, I easily remember what color the spines of my books are. Weird, I know.

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