My Period Drama Obsession

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I’m on a huge period drama kick at the moment – listening to all of the soundtracks I can find on Spotify, checking out Jane Eyrefrom the library to watch for the second time this week…

I think what brought this on was earlier this week, I had to do research on period dances for my SHARDS rewrite. So, basically, I spent a couple hours watching clips from various period dramas on YouTube and telling my roommate about the time in my folk dancing class sophomore year of college when I was dancing the polka with this guy, who asked me in the middle of the dance, “Do you use Herbal Essences?” (I was a little awkwarded out.)

Anyway, since my period drama obsession its rearing its head in a big way at the moment – let’s just say Jane Eyre was bribery for making it to 15k in the rewrite – I figured I’d write up a post counting down my five favorites, so that people who are new to the genre and all of its fantasticalness (in which case I’m very sad for you)know where to begin.

5. Titanic (1997)

Um, I don’t know about you, but I totally cry every single time I see the part where Leo dies at the end. Plus, as much as we all ridicule Rose for not moving over to make room on her makeshift floatation device, it’s actually a really good study in Edwardian society. Also, I love Rose’s wardrobe. And the references to Picasso and Freud. The end.

4. The Duchess (2008)

Here’s another one with fabulous parties and clothing that examines society. In this movie, we see Keira Knightley sold to Voldemort, who only values her child-bearing potential (read: how many sons she can give him).

3. Jane Eyre (2011)

This one is structured a little strangely – we go back and forth between Jane with St. John and then the rest of the story leading up to it – but Mr. Rochester is exactly as I pictured him in my head, so I’m willing to forgive this. (Also, it has a totally awesome score. I would know, since I’ve listened to it a couple times already.)

2. Pride & Prejudice (2005)

I’m about to commit some sort of blasphemy when I say I like the 2005 movie with Keira Knightley better than the 1995 miniseries with Colin Firth, but it is what it is. This adaptation did a superb job adapting several hundred pages of material into a two hour movie, and other directions could learn from this. (I’m looking at you, Eragon and Percy Jackson.)

1. The Young Victoria (2009)

While not historically accurate, this is one film I prefer to the actual story, because according to some of the things I’ve read about Victoria and Albert’s relationship…well, let’s say this version is much more romantic. Also, I totally cry every time I watch this movie, which is my favorite movie ever behind The Princess Bride. I’d probably watch this movie every day if I didn’t have roommates who’d hate me.

Anything else that should be on this list?I’m always looking for suggestions 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Period Drama Obsession

  1. Mrs. Silverstein says:

    Ok, not technically a movie…but there's this Doctor Who episode called Tooth and Claw, where David Tennant and Rose meet Queen Victoria and fight a werewolf thing…anyway, Queen Victoria is awesome in it. (And grrr to your P&P choice–although I will say I liked that version MUCH more than I expected to. And actually, as dreamy as Colin Firth is, it's some of the supporting characters and the overall feel of the miniseries that clinch it for me. But YAY for Titanic!)

  2. Stephanie Allen says:

    I might've also watched this version of P&P before I saw the miniseries. Although, if I do a separate post for miniseries/TV series, the miniseries will totally make that list!I really, really need to watch Doctor Who. I think I've watched a couple episodes…need to get on that!

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