When I was a teenager…

I figure that since I write books for teenagers, maybe I should talk about myself when I was a teenager. I talked about that almighty rite of passage, prom, last month. But what about some other things from Stephanie’s Teenage Years?

Well, I was in marching band. I played flute. I was actually pretty good at it, until I started playing oboe senior year in my school’s wind ensemble and was only playing flute during marching season. I even found some photographic evidence. Here I am in one of our horrid old wool uniforms:

I also did Knowledge Bowl. So, basically, I got out of school once a month to go do something nerdier than school, because even Teenage Stephanie was That Awesome.

I was also one of the founding members of my high school’s creative writing club, which, according to my sister, was still going strong when she graduated last year.

In other news, did you know that it was possible to letter in academics? Because I totally did. I took every single AP social studies class my school offered (I even waived PE my senior year because I couldn’t decide between AP European History and AP Government…so I took both). This was in addition to my letters in band and Knowledge Bowl.

So, basically, I was a huge nerd in high school. Not much has changed…if anything, I’m an even bigger nerd now than I was then!

So, my lovelies, what were you like in high school?