My Books & Me

So. Let’s talk about books. Specifically, writing in them.

This is a very, very divisive topic. I remember when I was re-reading The Hunger Games last summer while I was waiting in line for the midnight premiere of the last Harry Potter movie (we’ve mentioned my love of YA, yes?), and I was underlining and margin-scribbling with my favorite purple pen, and I got horrified looks from some of the other people I was waiting in line with.

But the way I see it, people will read the same books, and take away completely different things from them. Reading a book, no matter how many people read the same book, is a highly personal experience. And yes, I write in my books. Each highlight or underline or piece of marginalia has a specific memory attached to it, even the snarky comments written in the margins of the history textbooks from college that I still read sometimes. (Most of these memories are of sleepless nights full of 10pm coffee, but I digress.)

All I have to say is, if you think my copy of The Hunger Games looked back, I’d probably better not show you my copy of Looking for Alaska.

So, lovely internet, where do you stand on marking up your books?