This is probably the closest thing to a plot I will have.

I came up with a summary for my (still untitled) NaNovel. I wrote it at like 7 in the morning pre-coffee, so it’s pretty less than spectacular awesome. And may or may not be coherent. Here is is:

Several centuries after World War III destroys modern civilization, humankind has finally managed to rebuild society on the principal that difference caused all of human history’s problems and therefore is not allowed to exist. In this society, people are tested to see which path would best suit their abilities; 18-year-old Haylee has tested into the bureaucracy. However, when her father is put on trial and executed for witchcraft, she starts questioning the people she’s spent her whole life preparing to work for. And when she is invited to a meeting by Arthur, one of her coworkers, she finds herself sucked into a plot to take down their government from the inside. It’s a dangerous game she’s playing…will she make it out with her life intact?

Nothing like a little life or death action to make things more exciting, right?

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