In which I surprise graduate.

So, internet, I’m not really sure how one goes about graduating from college by accident, but it would not be me if I did not at least try to find a way. And it would appear that I succeeded.

So, basically, I applied to graduate in June 2012, which is when I finish my student teaching. I got a call from my university asking me if I would like to graduate sooner than that, since I finished all of the requirements for my degree and all I have left is teaching certification courses.

So today I went to go talk to the registrar, having decided that I would like to graduate in December, since it would be more beneficial for me in the long run to have my degree before I finish my certification.

Well, I’m definitely walking in December, guys. But since I’ve finished everything, they’ve awarded me my degree now. As in, I technically graduated from college today.

So, basically, I surprise graduated from college.*

…and then I went home and celebrated by finishing my coffee and straightening the untamed beast that is my hair.

I’m such a winner, guys. A winner who now has a B.A. in History/Social Studies 😀

But never fear, guys. I’ll be back in class at 8:30am three weeks from today, because the craziness is just getting started.

*I just realized this is the fourth paragraph I’ve started with so. I feel like my English teachers and professors would all be very, very sad right now.

4 thoughts on “In which I surprise graduate.

  1. Jessica Love says:

    Good call on taking the graduation now! I have a friend at work totally struggling because post-degree units determine our pay. She took all of her teaching pre-recs within her degree, I did mine after. Same classes, but I make way more $$ than her.

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