In which I surprise graduate.

So, internet, I’m not really sure how one goes about graduating from college by accident, but it would not be me if I did not at least try to find a way. And it would appear that I succeeded.

So, basically, I applied to graduate in June 2012, which is when I finish my student teaching. I got a call from my university asking me if I would like to graduate sooner than that, since I finished all of the requirements for my degree and all I have left is teaching certification courses.

So today I went to go talk to the registrar, having decided that I would like to graduate in December, since it would be more beneficial for me in the long run to have my degree before I finish my certification.

Well, I’m definitely walking in December, guys. But since I’ve finished everything, they’ve awarded me my degree now. As in, I technically graduated from college today.

So, basically, I surprise graduated from college.*

…and then I went home and celebrated by finishing my coffee and straightening the untamed beast that is my hair.

I’m such a winner, guys. A winner who now has a B.A. in History/Social Studies 😀

But never fear, guys. I’ll be back in class at 8:30am three weeks from today, because the craziness is just getting started.

*I just realized this is the fourth paragraph I’ve started with so. I feel like my English teachers and professors would all be very, very sad right now.

Summer of Nostalgia & Discovery

I swear this summer has been the summer of nostalgia for me. I finally saw the Backstreet Boys, the last Harry Potter movie came out, The Lion King is being re-released for two weeks and I’m totally going to go see it, I just finished reading the latest Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book, I went to an outdoor movie on Saturday because it was The Princess Bride, I saw a bunch of my old teachers at my younger sister’s high school graduation, the whole graduating from college thing is making me look at pictures from when I was a wee little freshie and thinking about all the fun times that I can totally get away with in college but are probably frowned upon in the Real World, one of my best friends I hadn’t seen in a few years came up to visit and is moving up here next summer and asked me to be in her wedding next fall, I signed up for a summer reading program for the first time since I was in first or second grade…

Who knows what else will come up in the next three weeks of summer?

I’ve also been trying to keep to my goal of wandering around town and trying out different places I’ve never been, or even really known the existence of because I spend the school year curled up in the fetal position in the library and I spent all of last summer in Retail Hell.

For instance…

At the beginning of the summer, my friend and I saw a poster in the bagel place downtown that advertised a summer outdoor movie series in Fairhaven, this totally expensive adorable part of town that has some pretty awesome shops, restaurants and bars I’m regrettably too poor to actually try out, and my favorite book store on the planet. After failing all summer to actually make it to one of the shows, we finally went last Saturday to The Princess Bride, which was pretty much mandatory. We got there two hours early and managed to score some pretty awesome seats.

We have x-ray vision, so the columns were not a problem at all.

I’ve also been exercising my taste buds…a lot. There’s this Cajun restaurant downtown that my roommate, another friend, and I just randomly happened to walk by and decided to try on a whim, and it is delicious. We’ve gone there a ridiculous number of times since discovering it, and pretty much the entire staff knows us by sight, if not necessarily by name (yet!).

A couple weeks ago we also went to this Indian restaurant that’s a lot further out, which I think is why it was so empty when we were there, because the food was delicious. On the downside it’s right next to the retailer I worked for last summer, and I actually, literally shuddered when we walked past. (Not a lot of happy memories of that place, as you can tell.)

And then last night we went to this little place in the alley behind our apartment that specializes in mead, of all things. It was my first experience with mead, and it was delicious. I had a raspberry, and a sip of my roommate’s orange, and both were good. The orange one was really sweet, and the raspberry one was really tart, and totally delicious. I will definitely be going back and sampling the rest of their offerings.

And now I’m going to return to eating my way through the remaining three weeks of my summer. However, I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t leave you with this:

Currently Listening To: Cobra Starship – “Middle Finger”