New Years Resolutions

First, I would like to point out that the Huskies won the Holiday Bowl. And it was a beautiful thing to watch.

Now to join the clamor of year-end posts, blah blah blah. I already covered what I learned. So now I’m going to look ahead to next year (or, I guess, 14 hours from now):

1. Take a few minutes to read and write every day. During the three months that made up fall quarter, I didn’t finish a single book that wasn’t for class. Similarly, I’ve been working on this draft of SHARDS for a year and I’m only 13,000 words in. Both of these things must change.

2. Try to avoid future nervous breakdowns by taking a break when I get stressed to the point of completely shutting down and/or throwing tantrums. Sometimes I just need to go for a walk, go downtown to get coffee, or go to the gym and beat the crap out of something.

3. Each day, find at least one thing that made me happy. I didn’t focus enough on the positives this year. This is something else I need to work more on.

And there they are. Hopefully I can keep these up for longer than a week. =)

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