Summer in the City of Subdued Excitement

One thing I’m learning is that it sort of sucks to only be a seasonal employee – you’re at the bottom of the barrel, which means that when it comes to cutting hours, it’s probably a good bet that yours will be the first to go. I was originally at 22 hours this week, but now I’m down to about 13, and I’ve had hours cut every week since I started working there at the beginning of the month. Fortunately, my living expenses are pretty low, and I have a cushion built up from my school year job, so I’m not really in any trouble. But still, it does leave me with a little bit more free time than I would like, given my penchant for being super busy all the time.

On my days off, like today, I like to have my mornings to myself, perusing various blogs and news websites while I drink my cup of coffee and eat my toast. I’ll do my dishes, then take a shower, and then eat some lunch (unless I decide to get myself a bagel – there’s a really good bagel place downtown that my roommates and I like to go to). I also spend a lot of time at the coffee shop a couple doors down from the bagel place, where I either write or just sit and read (like I did today). Not only do the baristas there know my usual order, but now a couple of them are starting to know me by name. (One of my roommates tells me that means I’m there too much. I disagree.)

Last week I watched the 1996 adaptation of Emma, the one with Gwyneth Paltrow. I liked it, especially the proposal at the end. I’ve also been watching the 2007 “War and Peace” miniseries, which I’m almost finished with. (I’m halfway through the last episode.) I have the first disc of the first season of “Rome” out from the library, so I’ll be starting that next.

I’m actually a little bored. My life right now is a lot lazier than I’m used to. It’s nice not having to worry about homework when I get home from working a six hour shift, but on my days off I sort of wish I was taking classes.

I’m thinking I might try cooking. I’ve been surviving for the most part on eggs, yogurt, Easy Mac, peanut butter sandwiches, and popcorn so far this summer, and I haven’t really felt adventurous enough to try anything more advanced than that. Let’s be honest: I can’t even bake chocolate chip cookies properly. Last time my sister and I attempted those, they wound up being hockey pucks. So this little experiment should be an adventure…=)

One thought on “Summer in the City of Subdued Excitement

  1. Ash says:

    I am sick of the laziness too! And I'm home with my parents for the summer which makes things that much worse. It seems like whenever I'm home for a long time I just revert back to high school mode. I only have ten days left here and then I'm back at school in my new townhouse so I cannot wait to get outta here!

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