In which I make some progress on my WIP.

Wait, what? Actual progress on Shards? What?

Yeah, that’s right. And it feels awesome.

Some of you may recall that I spent all quarter stuck on Chapter 3. Not because I was stuck, or anything, but because I was suffocating under my enormous workload. (And it doesn’t look like it’ll be any better this quarter – I’m willingly going to give up my two completely free afternoons each week to go spend time with middle school students. Which also further proves my point that I am a sick, sick masochist, because seriously, who does that? Um, cool people. Cool people do that.)

Anyway, not only have I finished Chapter 3, but I’m almost finished with Chapter 4. And I’m anticipating finishing Chapter 5 by the end of break, because I promised the lovely and wonderful Anna that I would do so, and she will be more than happy to hold me to that.

And now I am off, for I must steel myself for the imminent torture that is the dentist appointment looming over me this afternoon…

3 thoughts on “In which I make some progress on my WIP.

  1. Ben Hutchins says:

    It's teachers like you that I hope my kids are lucky enough to have. Thanks for your committment–and congrats for finishing chapter three. I'm trying to cut 55,000 words from my manuscript, so I am very familiar with that "stuck" feeling. Keep going!

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