I realized about halfway through this chapter I’m writing, which features a ball, that researching some dances would be a good idea. I mean, I’m familiar with some Scottish and English country dances, since I took both of those classes this past year up at Western, but other than that, my knowledge is very limited. So I opened Wikipedia and have now happily immersed myself in the past. (Yeah, a historian on Wikipedia. I try not to rely on it too much, but since my resources are very limited and it’s for a fantasy novel, anyway…)

I think I’m going to look mostly at the mid-19th century, with some baroque and possibly some Renaissance dances thrown in. The dances from Melineh definitely have influences from Scottish country dancing, while Numerian dances are more drawn from English country dancing. (Which actually has some similarity to Scottish, except it’s more restrained. Or at least, the dances I learned were.)

Ha. I took Scottish Country Dance and Folk Dance to escape from books and papers, and they’re actually proving to be useful. I love when all of the random things I’ve picked up is actually good for something.

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